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Introducing Tiny Lifestyle

Our vision is to encourage people to tread lightly on the earth by building smaller and more sustainably, using traditional materials and techniques, resulting in healthier lifestyles, less debt and a lighter carbon footprint. 
We promote the benefits of scaling down: The massive cost savings from reduced or non-existing mortgages, a deeper connection to nature and better health from the use of natural materials.  Through blogs and videos, interviews and up-to-date information on sustainable products, we aim to support those who have been priced out of the property market, to thrive in smaller homes. 
Tiny Lifestyle recently merged with Golden Frames Woodworking School and together we're encouraging and empowering people to design and build their own tiny, transportable 10m 2 timber frames.  Our next Timber Frame Tiny House Course will be held from 1st-7th December 2019.  
Helping people self-build results in more affordable homes, while a smaller footprint keeps ongoing costs down.  This in turn attracts people who are conscious of how they treat natural resources and ultimately encourages the whole community to live more sustainably. 
Timber frame construction is one of the oldest forms of building that remains in use today. The art of timber framing dates back to some of man’s first primitive structures; using large greenwood timbers slotted together to form stunning, natural structures without the need for nails. 
Our Timber Frame Tiny House Course gives beginners and experts alike, a hands on approach to learning this craft. Over a week's tuition you will gain a broad understanding of calculating, crafting and building a timber frame structure. You will practice woodworking techniques with hand tools and power tools and, as part of a close-knit team, you will produce a beautiful 10m² traditional timber frame. 
And check out the Tiny Lifestyle website for details of our courses!
Be In to Win!
If you had a 10m 2 timber frame we really keen to know what you’d you use it for?  What features would you include?
Tell us now and be in to win a 2 night stay in a Timber Cabin in Golden Bay, NZ!