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Who's behind Tiny Lifestyle?

Tiny Lifestyle was set-up by architect Simone Kidner, to encourage the promotion of living tiny and creating small, healthy homes built with sustainable materials.

Simone Kidner and Joe Clarke

Initially from the UK, Simone ran a social enterprise there creating a co-working, community space for creative professionals. “It was a bit of a diversion from architecture, but it's still about creating a healthy spaces for people,” she says. Simone and her partner, Joe Clarke, also ran a bespoke campervan conversion business for six years before moving to New Zealand in 2018. “We've always loved living tiny and travelling around in our campervan. When we used to visit New Zealand we would travel in our van for months on end around the coast. We just love the lifestyle of being outdoors, close to nature, with less waste. It's a really beautiful way to live. We want to help other people to live tiny as well; creating small, bespoke spaces for our customers.”

Richard Bodo is the other co-founder although based in the USA. “He's our business guru,” says Simone. “He’s involved in a range of social enterprises globally, from a hemp farm in the States to Space Base, a New Zealand-based social enterprise democratising the space industry. He’s a web developer who knows a lot about how to make social businesses sustainable. We're taking a lot of great advice from him and he's also invested in the business, giving us the seed funding we need to get going.”Rich Bodo and his wife Cindy making sparks

Rich Bodo and his wife Cindy making sparks

Graeme Scott has a great affinity for trees. Growing up around his dad, a carpenter, 'G' was always hanging out in the workshop. He later took a course in Canada in which the tutor “shared a lifetime's knowledge condensed into 4 months,” says G. “I would say the foundation of all my understanding of woodwork was done at that time.” He took these skills back to the UK, and using partner Liv’s business skills, set up an EcoBuilding company.

The pair later emigrated to NZ where Graeme worked in the Christchurch rebuild following the earthquake, before finding work in Golden Bay.  Graeme now imparts the skills of traditional greenwood timber framing with Golden Frames Woodworking School and he and Liv host the community event Living Wood Fair.

Liv and Graeme Scott standing in one of their timber frames

Liv and Graeme Scott standing in one of their timber frames

Recently merging with Tiny Lifestyle, they are working together to promote Timber Frame building workshops, teaching people how to build a 10m² tiny structure, using no nails. “The idea is to give them the confidence to go forward and claim their dream of building their own house – from zero to feeling pretty confident that you could actually build a structure," says G.

It's so amazing watching the students go through challenges, when they make a mistake, or G teaching them how to get out of a mistake - the ups and downs and the joys,” says Liv. “Once the frame starts going up people are just like wow, this is so amazing. They get such a buzz out of this week of learning – everyone working together to get this beautiful frame and joinery.”

The next course will be held from 1-7th December. Only 8 spaces are available so book now:

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